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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Lessons of Recycling Trash

Filling the dump site is no longer hip nowadays. Knowing how to recycle, re-purpose and re-use is an advantage especially for the environment. Amazingly some people knows how to reconstruct debris into something more beautiful and useful. Such people remind me of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene was an outcast during her time. She practically knew nothing about love or respect until Jesus saved her from being stoned to death. Men treated her badly and the women condemned her for life. No one dared to ask her why she ever became a prostitute. Some presumed it was all about the money. Others probably thought she liked it but not Jesus. He knew there was something special about this lady. He took her in without question and transformed her into a God-fearing servant.

Just like trash, being an outcast can cause serious damage if one is not treated as a human being. Unfortunately some people just like to push their buttons until they explode. This normally cause them to lose their patience and harm their predators. However it is less likely that someone believes them. Instead of being heard, others would just simply say, "it is your fault" or "you deserve it".

Jesus never came here to judge the outcast. He came to reach out for them and save them from the perils of hell. He used His Words to transform His avid followers. He even died on the cross to reveal the true meaning of  love and happiness. He is a creative Savior. Follow His Command and find another purpose in life. 

So the next time you dump that trash into the bin ask yourself  this question, how do I treat the people around me? What can I do to help them find another purpose with Jesus? 

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