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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jesus In the Gallery and In The Art Room

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Getting to know God through Arts 

 Every time I look at Michelangelo’s work I could not help but wonder: was God present when he was creating his masterpieces or was it just a pigment of his imagination? We all have our interpretations about the Bible but his art works was simply amazing. You could feel God’s creativity in every stroke of his brush making you feel closer to heaven.

 His marble cravings are also moving. You can tell that he rendered time and effort to form such moving statues. If it could move, you would evidently mistake it for the real thing. No wonder most basilicas in the Renaissance Era commissioned him to carved or paint religious figures on their walls and in their ceiling. Truly he is a classical artist worth admiring.

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 I am not an artist neither am I a big fan of classical arts but I am still astonished of how he manage to let others see that there is a God through his art works. Admittedly it takes extreme talent and passion to form such beauties but I guess faith has something to do with it. Every artist has his forte but his was simply God-sent. Admittedly his masterpieces move me to appreciate the Creator more. I may not read the Bible often but it compels me to believe His existences. It rejuvenates my faith and keeps me moving towards to His embrace. It may not contain words but it tells me to bow down and surrender everything in His hands. This is not easy but it is worth a try. Obviously God is bigger than any problem. So have faith and let Him do His miracles. Remember man can fail but God will never forsake you. How about you? What do you see in these classical masterpieces? Can you feel His presence? If you do, what is His message?

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