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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The day that God sent me the Phoenix

There came a point in my life that I almost gave up completely. I had three mouths to feed, almost jobless and totally wrecked. I was clueless of where I was heading. The nightmare was over but its consequences were painful. I knew I have to bounce back but how? I was like a fugitive back then. Hiding from those discriminating eyes of my family and my neighbors. I hardly can get out of the house. I was so afraid of being questioned and persecuted. It was like Armageddon for me. Far more different from what I used to be.

I sought comfort in Facebook. Poured my pain on its wall. Cursed the guy a thousand times for ruining my life but that did not help. The pain was still there. I still want to take revenge. I knew it was not healthy but I could not help. I was angry, worried and pretty much upset.  This went on for months until one day this picture caught my eyes:

I do not know what moved me to talk to its owner. It was definitely not my attitude to make the first move but somehow the person behind it made me realized, "Hey there is always room for second chances. So why give up?" True enough God's send angels in the least expected moment. Mine came in Cyberspace where it is easy to hide ones true identity. But this guy, he is simply heaven sent. My total opposite but I certainly love him so much. By the way, he is now my fiance.

The event proved that God do work in wonders. He will let you experience pain to get something better. Time and again He gives you options. It is your choice whether you would like to grab it or not. I have no regrets that things happened the way they should be. He definitely knows what is best for me.

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