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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

God Calling, Would You Pick Up?

"And I would give up forever to touch you, cause I know that you feel me somehow..."

Oh my gosh that is my ringtone but where is my cellphone?

It is in my room. Somewhere in my bed. I have to turn the whole thing upside down just to find it. One by one I took out the pillows, pulled out the sheet but no it was not there. The ringing continued. It must be important so I crawled down the bed with a flashlight on my mouth. Eureka. There it is. I answered it immediately but it was a wrong number. This made me ask myself, "if it was God calling, would I make the same effort?"

God sends us messages everyday. He sends us angels, gives us blessings and even provides us opportunities to attain our dreams but we are too busy to listen. We would rather mingle with friends, spend time online and even party all night than to sit down and pray. Yet still He never grew tired of doing it over and over again. Sadly we never fail to ignore it.

God does not have a land line number but we can talk to Him through prayers. He does not have a Facebook account but we can visit Him at church. He does not like to leave messages on answering machines but we can always read His words through the Bible. The question would be: would you ever do it?

Let us be realistic. Without the Creator, we would have not existed. His great love for us often saved us from total destruction. It is right to give Him the same attention as we give our friends or love ones. Take an hour or two a day to do this. He deserves your company.

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