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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Day Lazaro Arbos Sang in American Idol

I almost stepped out of the room when the 21 year old Cuban Lazaro Arbos from Naples, FL took center stage during his audition in American Idol season 12. His stuttering was so terrible that I almost lost interest in the guy. However when he began delivering his rendition of Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" I was suddenly thrown back in my seat. If I was not glued to the tube, I would definitely think it was a different person. 


It was such an inspiring episode. I learned a lot from it. The song choice itself talked about great faith. It inspired me to look beyond imperfections and sing. Only faith can drive our fears away. Only God can drive all those demons back where they belong.

Let Jesus take that wheel. Let Him steer our course. Let us learn from what this kid has overcome. Obviously it took lots of patience and perseverance to win our admiration. He might have faced a fierce mob but look where he is now. His hope and aspirations definitely paid off.

The episode also taught me not to judge others. God did create us equally special. We all have our shortcomings thus we should be cautious of passing judgement. I may not know Lazaro personally but he humbled me. This guy is certainly an angel sent down with a special mission. I do hope he makes it to the finals. I pray that his story can be continuously heard as a source of inspiration.

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